Friday, 13 February 2009


Most flat trackers I've seen have been sporting a swingarm made from rectangular "tubing". And while that is probably the easiest and best solution, and probably the stiffest and lightest as well, I can't help but think that round tubing looks better. Just have a look at the picture to the right. That is the back end of the "NCR MIKE HAILWOOD* TT" (more pictures here). Isn't that the best looking rear end/swingarm you've ever seen? I hope the guys at NCR won't be too cross if I, er, borrow their design for my street tracker. Mine will of course be a cantilever design, so we will add the tubing on top of the main tubes for the monoshock mount. The new swingarm will be bit shorter than the one it replaces, since there is no longer any linkage in front of the rear wheel.


  1. it's all possible, and can be made to work!!
    twin shock swingarm: it's loaded in tension for the suspension loads, and a little in compression for the acceleration. resistance to twist is grip and riders preference dependent. Single shock will have to resist a lot of bending from the suspension loads. desired stiffnes should be proportional to spring rate. of centre single shock will see additional twist from suspension loads. Single sided swingarm, there's your challenge!!
    but coming back to the initional question, once you know what you want to achieve, you can think of how to produce it easily, cheaply, and very important accurately! Whu not use U-section?

  2. Wait one week and I'll put up some pics. We're going for round tubing. I love the idea of a single sided swingarm, but that's too much of a deviation from the "traditional" flat tracker look I'm after. Maybe I'll try that on my next project:-)

    !!!??? BP

  4. that's just a stock Ducati Sport1000S swingarm not a special one...