Monday, 2 February 2009

A Husky 570 with 1722 km on the clock.

As it happened, I had a 2001 Husky 570 super moto collecting dust in my garage. A bike on which I'd managed to clock up some impressive mileage. 1722 km to be exact. That's about 1070 miles for those of you algebraically challenged. I'd had it since new, and a couple of years ago I had the lump blue-printed by the no 1 Husky-guru "Halvards". And since it's kick start only, it seemed like the perfect donor engine for a super simple flat/dirt tracker. No need for a battery and the wiring loom is super simple. It wasn't long before most of the bike was up for sale on "Blocket", the Swedish equivalent of eBay.

Rather than building a completely new frame, I decided to keep the bottom part of the frame cradle, which apart from looking quite alright, would make the whole swingarm-engine-frame interface a whole lot easier to handle. The picture shows what I kept and where we cut the frame up. Incidentally, a whole host of people emailed me, wanting to buy the "title" for the now non-existing bike. That is how stolen bikes get new identities and are sold as legit bikes, if you haven't grasped that already. No sale.

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