Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Bell helmet update.

I've just spent a week in New York and I was amazed at the lack of motorcycles in Manhattan. A couple of tragic cruisers with tassels and stuff was about it. One would have thought that with all the traffic that people would turn to bikes in order not to get stuck in the congestion, but no. Very few bikes. In places like Milan and Rome, where car drivers drive like maniacs, there are bikes absolutely everywhere. Strange.

And of course: with few bikes, there are also very few dealers. I only found one, and that was small and poorly stocked. No sign of any Bell helmets. So I call Bell's support centre and even they couldn't tell me where to find a "Custom 500" in New York. Hm. When I was a kid riding motocross bikes, there were Bell helmets all over the place. Guess the brand must have deteriorated.

Fortunately, Bell has a web shop, and I now have a white Custom 500 on order. Time to order some paint. Marcus of Marcus Moto Design tells me you can get two pack in rattle cans nowadays. Weird, but if he's not pulling my leg, it's apparently true.