Tuesday, 3 February 2009


I knew from the start of the build that I wanted a radially mounted front brake. Not because it was needed, since the bike will be pretty light, but because it just looks more "factory" without a mounting adaptor between the fork leg and the caliper. That ruled out the "standard" R6 right-side-up forks that are very popular among flat trackers, since they don't accept a radial caliper. After measuring quite a few modern upside-down forks I found that those mounted on modern Suzukis are a little bit taller than most, and crucially: they are available with a black coating on the fork tubes (I like black). After a couple of days of watching eBay, a perfect pair from a 2007 GSX-R 750 showed up on the US eBay. The price was very reasonable and when the UPS-man dropped them off at my door, they turned out to be just like advertised: MINT! I purchased a new set of bearings/races and had the new steering head (see last post) milled to accept the new upper and lower races. I will probably have to revalve or tune the forks to suit the lower weight of my bike. And machine new yokes/triple clamps to get the ground trail just right. But more on that later.

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