Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Test assembly.

The three shiny tubes in the picture replaces the curved "back-bone" tube of the original frame (see earlier post here). The cantilevered shock will pass between then two vertical tubes on its way from the swingarm to the anchor point underneath the top tube. We are still in the test fitting stage and the vertical tubes are not tack welded yet. In fact, the tubes in the picture will be discarded, as we aren't satisfied with how they interface with the top tube.

The shiny, short piece of tubing between the two yellow chain rollers is the start of the new swingarm. We are using the old axle and since the tire we're using is roughly the same width of the super moto tire it replaces, there is no need to muck about with the chain line or anything like that.

The bracket attaching the frame to our sturdy metal table, is where the old shock linkage used to be mounted. Since we aren't going to use it, we'll cut the bracket off once we're done with the welding. But for now it provides a very convenient way of keeping everything straight and secure.

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