Thursday, 26 February 2009


When I first started thinking about this project, I made a little budget and started checking prices for components I knew I would need. So I checked Storz's webpage and found that an aluminum "XR750-style" tank (I think they are manufactured by a company called RaceTech) would cost $200. Fine, that sounded very reasonable. Two weeks later I was going to order it and realized that I had misunderstood. It wasn't $200, but rather $820. Without petcock. Bugger. So I started to look for a used one. After a few weeks of advertising on the excellent, and free,, I got an email from a very pleasant gentleman from MacDaddyRacing who had a spare one for sale for $500. A deal was struck.

I don't know what possessed the airbrush artist to paint that heart/vulture-thingy on it. Let me just say that it wont look like that when I'm finished with it.

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