Monday, 10 August 2009

Rear light.

Another piece of the puzzle falls into place. I've been looking for a rear light on ebay for for some time, but not been able to find a suitable one. They were either too large – most jap/standard bikes use huge rear lights – or just too flimsy/ugly. I've also visited my local breakers yard looking for something that might fit, but to no avail. However, a trip to a nearby place catering to cruiser/chopper types (let's keep that one under wraps shall we), solved my problem. I would have prefered a red lens since I think clear lenses are bit chav, but none was available. So this one had to do. At least it looks well made, and I think the rounded shape snuggles up quite well under the seat unit. I know from experience that the vibey Husky engine kills off lightbulbs at a frightful rate, so I've put some extra rubber bushings between the lamp housing and the "carrier" to protect the diods. The "carrier" (professional builders look away now) started life as a bracket inside a PC, but an hour or so of cutting and drilling later, it now serves a bigger purpose in life. Isn't recycling great?:-)

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