Saturday, 25 July 2009

Heads up.

Now, this may be totally obvious for those of you who've already built a couple of street trackers, but I must admit to have been a little dumbfounded about how to best attach the seat unit and seat pad.

My seat pad from "First Class Glass" came with a set of rubber mounts and screws. You're supposed to push the rubber mounts into the seat base from underneath, make corresponding holes for the screws in the carbon fibre seat unit (the central of the three holes in the picture), thread the screws through the holes and into the rubber mounts. As you tighten the screws, the rubber mounts inside the seat padding expand and lock everything in place. So far so good. But how do you fix the seat unit in place on the frame, without bulky screws and washers between the seat pad and the carbon fibre? An email to the ever helpful J-W of Dutch Brothers gave me the answer: BigHeads. Mine are – as you can see – home made (from stainless), but they do the job perfectly.


  1. drill some holes in the plate & rough the bonding faces and degrease well & bond with some epoxy resin like araldite or so. Good luck!

  2. The bigHeads are cool but check out the Click-Bond aerospace products that I often use (availible from and other places). They generally use a PEM self clinching or weld-on fastener attached to the relevant base.

    Click-Bond make the best adhesive, CB200 makes araldite look like chewing gum. It is truly amazing... it's not cheap but it's worth it!