Thursday, 13 August 2009

The missing link.

My 570 Husqvarna engine has two exhaust ports and two 32 mm stainless exhaust headers. These two headers continue separately all the way back to the muffler (image here), which limits the choice of aftermarket mufflers to a a few specially made for the SMR/TE570. All of these have the same problem as the standard muffler: they are very long and looks terrible on a flat tracker. So, in order to run a smaller and better looking muffler I needed to somehow link the two header pipes into one larger pipe. And as it happens, the more recent Husqvarnas share the 32 mm headers, but use a 2-into-1, Y-shaped connector pipe followed by a larger diameter link pipe back to the muffler. For some reason, this 2-into-1 pipe is not availble as a spare part from the dealers – You have to buy the whole system... But as usual, Ebay came to the rescue, and I was able to find this stainless little time saver (It saved me the work of trying to find suitable stainless tubes, bending and welding them). The part number is A0868. Next up: trying to decide what type of Super Trapp muffler to order...

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