Thursday, 27 August 2009

Angle of dangle.

My Supertrapp exhaust arrived yesterday and I'm now trying to decide on the optimum position for it. I've tried quite a few different angles and found that a slightly forward sloping angle works best (see image).

Marcus of Marcus Moto Design, gave me some feedback on my first attempt and suggested that I put the exhaust as high as possible in order to show off as much as possible of the wheel. A valid point and I have now moved it up as close to the seat unit as I dare
(I don't want the heat to spoil the paint). Looking at the image now, I think I'll try to lessen the angle a little bit further to make it a little bit more parallel with the seat unit (also one of Marcus' suggestions). But I still want to keep a little bit of forward lean. I tried the fully parallel route but it looks to static and "slow". What do you think?

I may add a laser cut polished stainless heat shield with the same style holes as in my radiator guards, for that old school scrambler look. More on that later.


  1. More angle needed !
    The bikes looking great tho mate !
    Steve .

  2. whatever you choose please make sure you can take a good swing at the kickstarter without your heel hitting the muffler...i know, obvious, but just wanted to get that one out there since it would be something I'd forget to check and then I'd be annoyed to hell about it :)

    the angle of the muffler is pretty subtle to me...I wouldn't change much from what you've got right there. My main concern would be how to connect the muffler to the header with as simple a tubing bend as possible. If I could do it with an elbow rather than an S then I know my answer...

    I really like the idea of a heat shield; very classy. you're left leg might concur.

  3. "Concur". What a wonderful English word:-)

    I agree with the S-bend part. I'll try to keep it as simple as possible. It has to bend inwards a bit, then out again too... I may have to mount the muffler a little bit further back to make i all fit.