Saturday, 22 August 2009

Let there be light.

After yesterday's realization that I had made a mess of my gearing calculations, it feels good to be able to report that the Bates 5 3/4'' old school headlight I bought from a German web shop, looks perfect in its new home between the [still prototype] fork legs of my tracker. Next week it will be adorned by a mesh grille taken from Triumph's accessory program.

And if you think you've already seen that particular combo (black Bates light /Triumph Scrambler mesh) on a street tracker somewhere, you've probably visited the fabulous website of the bike brand with the most pretentious name in biking history: Deux Ex Machina. Their super cool "Mono" has exactly the same combo. In fact, I sent them an email about where that cool mesh came from, and they were kind enough to send me in the right direction.

Originally, I had planned on using a front number plate with a small projector light poking through one of the digits, but since Richard Pollock of Mule Motorcycles thinks number plates on street trackers look "goofy" [see sideburn #3], I went with this setup instead:o)


  1. i think you made the right choice with the round bucket light, too! BTW I think the Pollock article was the best part of SB#3, myself.

    I went the round light, too. Used an old Triumph assembly based on this guy's project.

    the grille will be a nice touch.

  2. It was actually from looking at pictures of Mr Pollock's bikes that I got into this flat track thing to start with.

    Like your project BTW. Real useful info on all that carbon fibre work! Will read the whole thing shortly.