Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Radiator protectors, part 3.

The radiator protectors are now bent into shape and they actually fit perfectly. When painted/anodized black I think they will look quite good. However, if you are going to do this yourself, don't go for 2,5 mm aluminium sheet like I did – it's too stiff and makes the bending very tricky indeed. 2 mm sheet is quite enough, or even 1,5. It's not meant to be bullet proof after all.

And one more thing: I designed little "notches" into the design (see earlier post), to guide me when bending. In retrospect, that was unnecessary and the notches "flared out" in the corners and looks unsightly after bending (probably because of the thick material). I will ask Kent to fill the notches with some weld and then I'll file and sand them smooth again before I send the pieces off to be anodized.

The protectors will restrict the airflow through the radiators a bit, but since the engine has two quite big coolers I think I will be allright. As long as I don't drive too slow:-)


  1. I am sure that the airflow wont be a problem. But normally the protecor is in front of the rad to protect against flying debris ect. Is there any reason you have postition them behind the rad are you just trying to stiffen theere mounting?

    Anyway they look great

  2. Well, the reason for the "protectors" is that I thought the radiators looked too messy and unfinished from the back. And besides, they are not designed to hang all unprotected like that and are rather fragile (my four year old son managed to flatten some of the cells just by poking at them). I will use the original, plastic protectors for the fronts of the rads.

  3. They look really nice..


  4. Very nice job on the protectors :)

    One thing to note with welding then anodising aluminium is that the anodising process can attack welds or the welded are may show up as a different shade (on clear or colour anodising).

    I discovered this when I send some machined parts to get clear anodised. When they came back they had a very visible weld repair which was hidden prior to anodising and some of the weld and parent material surrounding the weld had been attacked and eaten away. The machine shop did not tell me that they had made a mistake and filled it with weld.

    Check with your welder and inform the anodiser that the part has been welded.

  5. Thanks for the heads up!

    I'll tell them about the weld. Hopefully it won't show up too much on a black piece...