Sunday, 12 July 2009

Radiator protectors, part 2.

As you can see, I've been busy over the weekend with my drill and file, creating these radiator protectors. Just kidding – I sent the drawing (see earlier post) of my radiator protectors to a company who specializes in laser cutting and two days later I found these in my letter box. It's amazing what you can achieve with some basic Illustrator skills and the equivalent of about 80 Euros. The laser cutting process is so precise that the plates only needed a very light clean up with some emery paper, where the aluminium had melted and formed little "blobs". And a little softening of the edges.

Next thing to do is to bend the the side plates (look closely and you'll see that that there are little knotches cut into the plates, to guide me when bending) and drill the bolt holes where the retaining bolts go. Then they are off to be polished and anodized. I decided on anodizing, rather than paint, since they are going to sit very close to the rather hot radiators.


  1. Hey David, what you plan with the wheels? Do you still have a mag for the rear and spokes for the front? if you want another mag, this guy might be able to help you

  2. Yes, I'm going with the asymmetrical look this time. But I wouldn't mind another mag wheel for my next project...

    Does this guy have PM-wheels for sale?


  3. what happened to the mag in the early mockup?

  4. I had planned to have that widened by an inch or so, but couldn't find anyone to do it at a reasonable price. The best quote I got was some 400 Euros for each wheel. And since it was onlu 2.15'' wide, I would have had to widen the front wheel as well. That's why I chose to go with the PM wheel which is already 3.5'' wide. Mow I'm going with a 3'' spoked wheel at the front and the 3.5'' PM wheel at the back.