Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Early mock-up

Never mind the wheel and its weedy front wheel cruiser tire (God willing, it will be replaced by a bona fide PM 8-spoke rear wheel with a proper, fat dirt track tire in the not too distant future). But we can at least see where this build is heading. I find these mock-up sessions invaluable when trying to get the frame just right. After this one, we decided to change the front anchoring point for the shock. The two plates holding the shock will be replaced by two nicer looking ones, moving the shock about 25-40 mm back and about 5-10 mm "up" which will make the swingarm droop a little bit more and increase the clearance between seat unit and tire. The back of the seat unit will come down about 15 mm.

And please: if you spot something stupid – speak now, or forever hold your peace...

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