Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Tasty nuts.

Yup, that's their web address: www.tastynuts.com. The company is called Pro-Bolts and I have to admit that I lost myself completely in their catalogue. I must be some kind of perv, but the sight of expertly turned titanium hardware makes me go all weak at the knees. Pro-Bolts sells fasteners made from all kinds of materials and in all kinds of colours. Now, it would be very easy to go totally overboard and colour-code all the fasteners on my bike with the [soon to be] red paint scheme. But I must avoid the dreaded "tarts handbag syndrome", which so often can be seen on the "specials" featured in "Super Bike", "PB" and a lot of other mags (not "Sideburn" of course). Red aluminium engine casing bolts with matching sprocket and disc bolts? No, I don't think so. I think I'll settle for some nice stainless bits and bobs. Oh, and maybe a pair of black anodised pre-load adjusters to match my black Gixxer forks:-)

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