Sunday, 15 March 2009

Gettin' jiggy wit' it.

A big part of building a framer like the one we're doing, is making sure everything is straight. And that means a lot of measuring. And then some more measuring. If you're contemplating a little DIY-project of your own, be advised that you will need some sort of makeshift fixture/jig to keep everything in check while you weld.

I once had a discussion over the phone with a guy called Pegoretti, who is an Italian frame-maker, famous for TIG-welding the frames that a certain Miguel Indurain took to five victories in the Tour de France – even though the frames were painted in the team sponsor Pinarello's colours. During my twenties I literally lived for cycling, and I really wanted a "Pegoretti" frame. I called him and he told me a little about the construction process. He claimed that he didn't use a fixture of any kind. And that he didn't want to clamp the tubes in place but rather keep everything nice and loose, in order to [cue heavy Italian accent] "let the metal live". How cool is that:-)

In the picture above you are viewing the frame from behind, and the square metal plate in the forground represents the spread of the swingarm (in this case 194 mm). The swingarm tubes will be bolted onto the sides of this metal plate before the welds will be layed. More pics soon.


  1. Thanks for the encouragment. Keep up the good work. I was thinking the opposite I was wishing I had gone for an LC moto X motor. I too will post a few more pics later this week as we are hoping to make some more progress soon.

  2. You talked with Pegoretti? How awesome is that? I would kill to have a Pegoretti of my own!