Friday, 13 March 2009

Swingarm, part 1.

OK, we've started manufacturing the swingarm. Yeah, I know we could save a whole lot of work by adapting a standard swingarm from a breakers yard, but I really, really want a round-section swingarm like the ones on NCR's retro Ducatis.

The problem with a round swingarm is that you don't get a nice flat area on the inside of the swingarm where the wheel spacers/brake hanger/axle can sit (see red arrow). Hence the turned pieces that will slot into the swingarm from behind. But before we weld them in place they will be drilled both sideways – to accept the axle and provide a reasonable amount of backwards and forward adjustability – and hollowed out from behind to accept the sliding piece that will hold the axle in place. And of course squared off on the inward facing side. As I said: a lot of work. But hopefully, it will be worth it when we´re done.

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