Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Mind the gap.

When we had the swingarm mocked up, the margin between the tire and the upper part of the swingarm [where the shock attaches] was only about 15 mm, which is cutting it a bit close since the tire expands a little from the rotational forces. I wanted at least 10 mm extra, but I didn't want to move the shock anchoring point under the top tube further forward – purely for esthetical reasons – and I certainly didn't want to elongate the swingarm.

What to do? Well, you could always take a hacksaw to your brand new Öhlins damper:-) Fortunately, the lower mounting fork on the damper was some 14 mm longer than necessary (see red arrow). We'll shorten the mounting fork by about 13 mm and get the tire clearance we need. More pics shortly.

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