Monday, 8 June 2009


The 2007 Suzuki GSX-R750, from which the fork tubes were lifted, had 310 mm discs up front. But since I will be using a 320 mm wave disc from Braking, I needed to lift the caliper 5 mm. Hence these spacers that will go between the caliper and the integral mounting studs on the fork bottom. At first I thought of this method as a bit of a bodge, but I've seen Superbike teams using spacers like these, so I guess I'm in good company.


  1. I've heard it said that the ability to run different diameter discs, not reduced deflection, is the main reason that radial mounted brakes became the norm in MotoGP.So spacers are definitely not a bodge!

    It's interesting to see that the GSX-R caliper has a positive location feature (the boss and counterbore machined into your spacer). Most aftermarket radial stuff (Brembo, Beringer etc) just rely on the bolts for positioning.

  2. Yeah, now that you mention it, those little spacers can actually be seen on lots of high end bikes. Could the whole "radial brake" thing be something akin to the "compact disc" – a technology touted as superior to what it replaces, but in fact only a way for the manufacturers to be able to cut costs?