Monday, 1 June 2009


Is it wrong to get sexually aroused by a motorcycle wheel? My wife thinks it is. But then again, she hasn't been waiting for two months for this, to my eyes, absolutely stunning piece of hardware. I knew from the first time I saw one of these beauties that I wanted one for my project. "Seven sorrows and eight disappointments"* later, it is finally here.

Why Performance Machine stopped making these I will never understand. Unless people stopped buying them of course. Which I find incredible. I called PM's technical support to ask about the "pitch circle diameter" (it was "3 1/4 inch x 5" BTW) and the very helpful guy even congratulated me for picking up such a rare find:-) The fact that it doesn't accept any standard brake discs or sprockets, is merely something we have to work around. Once I get the wheel powder coated black and shod with a brand new Maxxis tire, I'm bringing it to bed with me.

*Swedish proverb


  1. Nice. I guess you will find sprockets in Scandinavia, but B&C Express in England are great for making one-offs, very quickly.


  2. Steve Lomas is hooking me up with some custom made stuff:-)

    BTW: the "dude" at PM raved about Sideburn. "-The only mag I've read cover to cover". He needed issue 2 and 3 BTW. Might be a good idea to send those guys some freebies?