Thursday, 11 June 2009

Nice or bajs*?

Instead of clamping the remote spring load adjuster to one of the frame tubes, using a hose clamp, we came up with this little solution. We turned a little "plug" from stainless steel that fits into the top tube and drilled two holes for a little bracket that will hold the spring load adjuster just below the carbon fiber seat unit, parallel with the shock and within easy reach (there is no battery or anything down there remember). The four bolts will be replaced by bolts with countersunk heads for a really slick look and the plug will be obscured by the seat pad that will snuggle up to the top tube, just below the rear of the tank.

*bajs: Swedish for faeces.


  1. Hi,

    Put it on the side instead, easy to see and adjust and it will add to the racing feeling even more, I think. Show off the cool Ohlins stuff!


  2. I forgot to say: Maybe get a clamp milled from alu. See it on Ohlins stuff for cars. Will add one of those on the V1000GT.

  3. Nice that you are thinking about the details but why not weld the bracket to the plug? Ditch the vertical part of the bracket, profile the shortened angle to the diameter of the plug and weld it on to the circumference at the bottom.

  4. Yepp, like Mr Dutch Brothers showed. That's very close to Ohlins factory clamps. /Marcus

  5. Thanks for the feedback guys.

    The thing is; I don't like the colour gold. I bought the Ohlins damper out of some sort of misdirected nationalism. I retrospect, I should have gone for a Penske damper. That's why I'm "hiding" the adjuster under the seat rather than placing it in the traditional position.