Friday, 27 August 2010

polymimetic alloy.

No, the part in the picture is not manufactured by Skynet in some sort of potential alternate future. It's actually made in good old Sweden by a firm called ISR.

As I'm waiting for the beuraucratic paper mill to return my paperwork, I've been busy making some decals and surfing the web for a replacement for the crude looking Tochico brake caliper I've been using so far. And beeing Swedish, there just is no way around the fact that ISR makes som pretty impressive and affordable stuff. At least if you compare to other calipers of the same quality
(I won't post the price here since I suspect my wife checks this blog now and then, but it was about a third of the cost of a comparable Brembo caliper.). ISR makes six piston calipers as well, but I went with four pistons since I think it looks better. And besides: who has ever seen a race bike with six piston brakes?

It needs new spacers, but the very friendly proprietor of ISR, Acke Rising, has promised to turn some for me. I'll post a pic of it mounted when the spacers arrive. Now I just have to resist the temptation to buy new master cylinders from ISR as well...


  1. The caliper is a beautiful piece of work, but I think you should consider the matching master cylinder for it.

    I run the Brembo Billet 4 piston radial caliper (race only) on my Aprilia supermoto with the matching Billet master cylinder. I'm never left wondering how good my brakes could be.

  2. Don't say that:-) My right index finger has been hovering over the phone for two days now, ready to dial. MUST. RESIST. CAN'T. SPEND. MORE.