Sunday, 30 January 2011

Captain Sweden.

I normally use a full face helmet. But after seeing the wonderful "Riding September" video, I now want an open face one. And being too cheap to buy one from Ateliers Ruby, I've decided to go for a "Bell 500 Custom" which are on sale for about $100 in the US, despite being made from proper fibre glass.

I've always liked the "Captain America" scheme featured in the movie "Easy Rider" – even if it is a little overexploited by now. So I thought I'd try my hand at making a colour scheme of my own and throw in some Swedish influences as well.

The plan is to get a white one and then paint it myself like my Photoshop-sketch above. I'm planning to use rattle can paints and not be too fussy with the masking and painting in order to achieve a little bit of a "retro" feel – as if the helmet had been painted in the seventies by some hippie and then lost for decades, before being rediscovered by me. That way I get a nice looking lid and still get modern levels of protection. That's the plan anyway... If anyone uses a Bell 500 please get in contact with me – I need some help with choosing the correct size.